Tips on How to Fix a Slice

As with any other sport, golf takes practice and the use of proper technique. One of the things we hear a lot in the clubhouse is “How can I fix a slice”?Many of us have found ourselves asking this very same question. Be honest, how many of you have stepped up the #1 tee box went through your first hole ritual and then hit a drive that would make Jackie Manson’s character in Caddyshack II cringe. And just like Jack Hartounian we sometimes feel the only way to fix a slice is to aim 90 to 180 degrees out to land in the fairway. But we got you covered here at with a few tips on how to straighten out those drives.

As we have already said these wayward golf shot are known as a slice. A slice is caused when the club face is not square at impact. The face is said to be opened, or turned away from the golfer. This sends the little white ball out on a flightpath that make a boomerang jealous. Even though this shot will get a few laughs and jokes from you golf partners, and will make you wish you hadn’t come out to the links, it is completely curable. Many of the drivers reviewed here have face angle adjustments which is a great first step to fix a slice.

One of the causes to this stroke adding gremlin is known as the kung-fu chop or karate-chop swing. A quick drill to fix a slice is to take a golf stance beside a chair with a padded back. Grab an imaginary golf driver as you normally would and allow the back of the non-dominate hand to rest against the back of the chair. Take a normal swing and as the hand comes to meet that back of the chair the back of the non-dominate hand should make contact flat as it was in the starting position. If the pinky side palm-pad hits the chair first (like a karate-chop) then you are opening your clubface at impact which is going to result in a slice. You can use this drill to practice daily until it becomes second nature and you will have a square impact in no time.

The next cause of a golf slice we will look at is what is known as an open stance. An open stance is when the lead foot is behind the target line. Or another way of looking at this is if you draw a line from the toes of both feet, the front foot is behind the rear foot which opens the hips to the hole. This type of stance creates an outside-in swing causing the clubface to impart a spin on the ball which in turn causes a slice. This is a little easier to fix than the previous. When addressing the ball ensure both feet line up on that target line and make sure that your belt buckle/fly is facing the golf ball and not the hole. By doing this you will have a much straighter swing path which will result in a square face at the point of contact.

All though these are not the only causes of the dreaded slice they are the most common. And with a little work and practice the answer to, “How do I fix a slice” will finally be answered. We all want to drive the ball down the center of the fairway every time we hit the little white ball. So lets all make sure we have a square clubface at impact, a neutral stance at address and square shoulders. With these tips and a little, albeit awkward looking, practice you will be down the center in no time.

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