Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver Review

Cleveland has always been a leader in golf driver design and are a personal favorite of many of us here at When Cleveland released the 2012 Classic many golfers touted it as the best golf driver. Now many of us are excited to see what Cleveland is going to offer in the 2013 version. The 2013 model is known as the Classic XL Custom and Cleveland did not disappoint. In this rework of a great driver they are staying with things that made the 2012 driver a hit and improving it by adding proven technology to help the amateur and professional alike.

The 2013 model features a blacked-out color scheme, a 20 cc larger head, three different loft angles, 7.5( RH only), 9 and 10.5 and is the first adjustable driver from Cleveland. The Cleveland Classic XL Custom allows you to adjust face, loft and lie angles as well as club head weight. The face angle is adjustable up to 2.25° open or closed, however for every .75° increments of face angle you will change the loft angle by .5°. In other words if you close the face 2.25° you will increase the loft by 1.5° and vice versa. The club is made with a standard lie angle of 61.5°, which is also adjustable. It is important to note that any adjustment in the lie angle will also affect loft and face angles. The club also comes with 3, 7 and 11 g weights to adjust clubhead weight for varying swing speeds.

The Cleveland Classic XL Custom is available with four different shaft options. The Miyazaki JDL 6, which is a great all-around performer and offers a mid-launch. The Miyazaki JBL 5, is a longer lighter version of the JDL 6 and great for players looking to add a little distance. The Mitsubishi Fubuki Tour 53, is designed to create a higher launch off the tee. And last but not least the Matrix Ozik 6M3 Black Tie, great for fast swing players looking for a low launch. As you can see there are many options with this driver putting it at the top of the best golf driver list.

Cleveland XL Custom Shafts

The Cleveland Classic XL Custom is advertised as having the largest and deepest face and golf. The extra-large face provides the golfer with more forgiveness on off-center shots and gives the feeling that there is more clubhead behind the ball. Which gives the golfer a little more confidence with higher powered swings, or swings where your trying to generate more power. As expected you will lose a little distance with the off-center shots but this loss is minimal. Believe it or not you do not lose much off the target line from these off center shots, helping keep you in the fairway a little more. The deep face produces a low spin rate, which will help increase distance and roll off the tee. All this only adds to the claims of the XL being one of the longest and straightest drivers of 2013.

Cleveland XL Custom

There is very little negative aspects about this driver. In truth, the only complaint we have is that the wild graphics on the different shaft options tend to take away from the classic look of the driver. While this is only a matter of aesthetics, is truly the only negatively found in this club. With such a short list of negatives you can see why we are putting this driver on the short list for the best golf driver.

Once again Cleveland has hit a home run, I mean a hole in one. Gotta keep the metaphors in the same sport, right? The Cleveland Classic XL Custom is a fantastic rework of the 2012 model. Its extra-large head and deep face provide great ball flight, some forgiveness on those off-center hits and a little help in the distance department. The adjustment system provides the golfer with all sorts of options to tailor the club to their need. With four shaft options there should be no trouble finding the right one for you. With all these features and options this driver is the whole package. The Cleveland Classic XL Custom is recommended for middle handicap players but you high handicappers could benefit from it as well. With almost no negatives to this club we at give it high marks and call it the best golf driver.

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